Fall OEC Refresher

OEC Refresher
The OEC refresher is Cycle B this year.  The format is similar to past years - discussions and practical hands on.  Everyone will be required to take the lead in a few of the practical exercises - no one hiding in the back.  Here's the breakdown of presentations and the skills you must demonstrate for Cycle B.


1.)    Anatomy and Physiology

2.)    Airway Management

3.)    Shock

4.)    Rescue Basics and Assessment

5.)    GI/GU

6.)    Lifts, loads and carries (body mechanics and urgent/non-urgent moves)

7.)    Lifts, loads and carries (adaptive skier, athlete)

Skills demonstrations - All patrollers must demonstrate the skills required to successfully complete the OEC Refresher. At some stations they must act as a team leader.  All sessions will run for the same length of time. Moving to the next session will be announced. The skills that must be demonstrated:


1.)           Demonstrate removal of helmet; manage spinal alignment and assessment/treatment of head, neck and spine injuries

2.)           Demonstrate use of an epi-pen. Manage exposure to toxins (topical/marine).  And demonstrate assessment and care for a patient who has been struck by lightning.

3.)           Demonstrate how to open airway, place patient in recovery position, use of Oxygen tank and CPR.

4.)           Assessment of a patient – primary and secondary (This station will include GI/GU assessment but not the evisceration/impaled object)

5.)           Care of evisceration/impaled object

6.)           Lifts, loads and carries (at least 3 must be demonstrated). Patrollers must work as a team with each patroller taking a lead role at least once.

*** Treating shock should be included with all stations. Also, reference should be made to adaptive skiers in each station activity.

It is very important that you have your refresher guide completed before you check in.  Your refresher guide will be checked as you register - if it is not completely filled out you will be turned away.  You need to plan on about 3 hours to complete the study guide - please do not wait until the last minute.  It's time to hit the books - Cycle B Refresher Guide and the 5th Edition of the OEC manual, your most favorite reading material in the whole world.

What to bring with for the refresher:
1.  yourself (pretty important)
2.  your completed (as in completely filled out) Cycle B refresher guide.
3.  your OEC and CPR cards.  If you need an new CPR card you'll need to bring a check (of cash if you have to) for $15 (same as last year and a bargain if you ask me) payable to Fred Hurst and complete the written test and skills demonstration.  If your CPR card is current you'll just need to demonstrate your CPR skills - there is no charge for skills demonstration.  If you can't find your OEC card or didn't receive a replacement in the mail you can get a replacement at no charge through the NSP store www.store.nsp.org  you'll need to log in then head to "educational materials".  Even shipping is free.
4.  you STOCKED patrol vest or butt pack. (cravats are your friend my friends -ask me how I know this)
5.  lunch and/or snacks.  The patrol will provide coffee and belly bombs as well as chilled water.  Anything else is up to you.  We'll we working through lunch so no McD's run this year)
6.  patience.  Not to be confused with patients.  We hope to have a smooth program.  Gerry Brown and your fearless instructor crew have all put numerous hours into preparing for the refresher so please be patient if there's a glitch.  We'll work to iron out any issues as soon as we discover them.
7.  A good, positive, attitude.  

If you are not planning on attending our wonderful refresher I strongly suggest that you contact the other patrols now to make sure that they have room to accommodate you.  You will be their guest and they have no obligation to accommodate you in their refresher.  You can find alternate dates and refreshers on the Southern Region website.  Log-in: minnie. Password: rusty (or visa-versa).  Check and see if there is a fee to participate - VO does have a $10 fee for non-patrollers to participate in our refresher, other patrols may as well.  Also, and this is very important, you must have the IOR of the refresher you participate in complete the Completion Acknowledgement form in the back of the Refresher Guide and get a copy to Gerry Brown.




Same as last year - $83.00  Make your check payable to Villa Olivia Ski Patrol (VOSP is fine).  Cash is OK but please bring the exact amount - don't count on change being available).  Tom Nielsen will be collecting dues during registration.
    National    $50
    Division     $ 0
    Region      $13
    VOSP        $20


Shift Selection


Shift selection cards will be on the registration table when you check in.  We'll have the 2015/2016 calendar posted so you can look over the calendar when you make your shift selections. The big change is with the exception of Holiday week and National holidays (MLK and Pulaski Day) VO will be closed on Mondays and Tuesdays this year. After looking a last years revenues it simply didn't make sense to open Monday and Tuesday nights to serve only an handful of customers.  Everyone will need to sign up for week night shift and one of the eight weekend shifts  - same as last year.  Shift selection will be based upon hours patrolled last year - same as in the past.  We should have the shift schedule completed and posted by December 1st.  VO's official opening date is Friday, December 11th and they plan on being ready to make snow no later than Thanksgiving.  It looks like we'll start the season with around 35 active patrollers - give or take.


Chairlift Evacuation Refresher

Please put Sunday, November 22nd on you calendar for the VO chairlift evacuation refresher. This is a Villa Olivia only event for patrollers, maintenance, lift operators and ski school personnel.  More on this later.


Ski Sale
Please make some time in your schedule for the Southern Region NSP Ski Sale.  Set-up begins on Wednesday, October 21 through Thursday October 22rd.  Thursday is also Patrollers Night - we get first crack at all the goodies.  The show runs through Sunday, October 25th at 5;00pm.  Due to Schaumburg regulations we must have all our "stuff" broken down and loaded on the trailer by 10:00pm - so if you only have one day that you can lend a hand this would be a good time to help.  The show is at the Schaumburg convention center.  Admission for patrollers is free - as long as you come in and work for a few hours.  This is the reason that our Southern Region dues are $0.

So that's it until Sunday morning.  Study hard - our season is almost here.



Harry Rempert
Volunteer Ski Patrol Director
Villa Olivia Ski Patrol


Welcome to Villa Olivia Ski Patrol

Villa Olivia Ski Patrol (VOSP) is a member driven volunteer organization, affiliated with the National Ski Patrol, that provides emergency care services, ski and snowboard safety, as well as, public relations for the customers and visitors of Villa Olivia Country Club and Ski Area.

The primary benefits we receive through VOSP are satisfaction in promoting safe skiing/boarding and assisting the skiing public. Villa Olivia is located at Route 20 and Naperville Road in Bartlett, Illinois.



Becoming a Member of Ski Patrol

There are actually 3 training areas that need to be accomplished to be certified as a basic patroller:

  1. The first (and these are not necessarily in the order they need to be accomplished) is Patroller 101. Part of this is the on-hill portion of the training. A certain level of skiing/boarding experience is expected. Although we will work on performance enhancement, most of the scheduled time is spent developing techniques needed to handle a recovery toboggan with and without a patient. Total time commitment for completing the Patroller 101 training is 1+ days a week for about 3 months.

  2. The second part of the training involves the Outdoor Emergency Care training. Different patrols offer this training at different times of the year. The total time commitment for completing OEC training is 1+ days a week for about 3 months.

  3. The final part of training is CPR for the Professional Rescuer. This Red Cross course can be taken anywhere. We typically offer it as an extension of the OEC training.

Each year every patroller is required to receive proficiency training in OEC, toboggan handling, CPR and chair evacuation in order to maintain currency.

If this sounds like something you would like to pursue, we would be glad to have you come out and join us.

Patroller 101 training usually begins in December and will culminate the end of the ski season (February or March).

Outdoor Emergency Care will begin in the Spring.

If interested in the above classes, please contact  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Patrol Schedule

The attached PDF document has a schedule for the 2013 - 2014 season.

VOSP Daily Patrol Shift Schedule for 2013 - 2014