Outdoor Emergency Care

Outdoor Emergency Care, Fifth Edition, is the required text book for Ski Patrol and can be ordered by clicking on the image below.

Developed in partnership with the National Ski Patrol, Outdoor Emergency Care, Fifth Edition, offers relevant, invaluable content for all emergency first responders working in an outdoor environment. The contributing authors and reviewers are highly respected experts in education in the outdoor emergency care community. The vast experience of these individuals, combined with over 90 years of EMS work and ski patrolling from the editors alone, has been incorporated into every chapter of this text, providing you with a learning resource that is rich in practical knowledge. This book should be used not only as an initial text but maintained on your bookshelf as a valuable reference manual.

The book is also available in electronic form that can be viewed on a Barnes & Noble nook by clicking on the following link Outdoor Emergency Care (2-downloads).