Hill refresher - Saturday Jan 18th

Please put Saturday, January 18th on your calendar for the Hill Refresher.  We'll start at 8:00am and should be finished around 11:00am.  The good thing is that this year we'll have plenty of snow to refresh on - what a nice change for once.  Please be ready to leave the patrol room at 8:00am.  After some "ground work" we should be on the hill at 8:30.  Doug Paulus will be our Instructor of Record for the event.  Please bring a minimum amount of gear with you for the refresher - one set of skis or one board will be fine and waxing and tuning (what ever that is) should be completed before you arrive on the 18th.  There will be over 30 patrollers sharing the comforts of the patrol room so please be considerate of your fellow patrollers.  If you need a morning snack please select something other than that great stinky French goat cheese and tin of sardines you got for Christmas - we'll all thank you.

If you would like some extra toboggan handling to shake the cob webs off your hill skills contact Doug.  He'll either give you personal attention or direct you to one of our other, capable, toboggan handling instructors.

If you can't make it on the 18th it is your responsibility to work with Doug to complete your hill refresher.  Doug can be best contacted via e-mail at
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .